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Stand For Better Health. Every single person, without exception, desires to improve their quality of life. Just a small portion of work has been conducted on the health advantages of simply standing. These lessons will teach you the fundamental of reaping the benefits of standing posture, popularly known in Chinese Kung Fu as Zhan Zhuang. This is one of the foundations or elementary fundamentals covered in detail in our online courses.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the proper standing posture
  • Ground & connect to earth
  • Suspend from above to open the spine
  • Understand your centre of gravity
  • Correct your structure to release joint tension
  • Soften and relax the joints and mind
  • Activate health and wellness

Your access consists of; LESSONS & MATERIALS (click to view). This series is a teaser version of the more detailed version. Should you wish to explore in-depth details; choose our paying packages. View our blog explainer.

Standing is a fundmental structure of Mind Body Fitness and life preservation; it combines the principles of Chinese Medicine with the teachings of Kung Fu to promote holistic well-being and longevity. It is a comprehensive approach that emphasizes the harmonization of the mind, body, and spirit to achieve optimal health and vitality.


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