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Asian Longevity Eating


Asian Eating For Longevity & Health

This is both a video course and a 100-page e-book to keep you going.

You’ll explore:

  • Chinese food therapy, or  (shí liáo)
  •  Medicine food & dietary needs
  •  阴阳 (Yīn and Yáng) foods and symptoms
  • Adaptable ancient and modern recipes
  • Enhance the quality of life concepts
  • And the origins of the infamous Japanese “hara hachi bu secret”;
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According to traditional Chinese medicine, one’s spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being are all regulated by the balance of yin and yang in the body. A deficiency or excess of yin or yang throws the body off-kilter, leading to bodily and spiritual ailments. As such, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet and to eat the right foods at the right time of year.

I hope that this guide is an excellent reference book to get and keep you going on your new eating adventure. The topic is more complex than it appears and needs to be understood in the context of its intertwined relations. Our courses are emphasizing the thinking styles and methods needed to achieve this.

One fundamental tenet of Chinese food therapy is that food has the same origin as medicine and, like medication, may be utilized to treat ailments.


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