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Shaolin 12 Spring Legs


Kung Fu Book and Video. Subscription option available.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Sectors of the 12 routines.
  • Partner applications of each routine
  • Improve balance and foundation
  • Build a solid foundation
  • Learn one of the fundamental routines of Shaolin Kung Fu
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Shaolin 12 Spring Legs Kung Fu book and video footage have been compiled for students that have studied the Original Classical Gongfu of Shi Er Tan Tui. And for those students that would like to know more about the Classical  Shir Er Tan Tui, this book would be of great benefit to them. What is in this book is the basic core foundation of Shi Er Tan Tui. My wish is that everyone who uses this book has a proper understanding of internal energy, so that it may ease his or her knowledge and understanding. I have studied in the traditional way, from Master to disciple/student. Dr. Jeff Lan – Liu Youyi Subscription option available.


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